Making Fun Number One for Kids

Playing sport is a wonderful tool to teach children a number of important life skills like confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Research has shown that the number one reason kids play sport is to have fun. It’s not surprising then, that the number one reason children quit playing sport is because they stop enjoying it.

By getting children excited, having fun and engaged with positive sporting experiences, children develop a love of physical activity and a lifelong interest in sport. Studies indicate the following specific and actionable behaviors that promote and foster fun:

  • Being a good sport – emphasize the different values that make up being a good sport like enthusiasm, fair play, determination, communication, humility, respect, unselfishness and co-operation. Celebrate and highlight when children demonstrate these values.
  • Positive coaching – as a coach, strive to create a safe and supportive environment where children receive a positive coaching experience that promotes inclusivity, good sportsmanship and fun. Regardless of what happens in the game or practise, refrain from using negative or derogatory language. Support and encourage all children to make this the best possible experience.
  • Game time support – As a parent, demonstrate positive sideline behaviour by refraining from using negative or derogatory language aimed at the Officials, the Coaches, your child or other players. Support and encourage your child.
  • Inclusion – don’t get white line fever and bench the weaker players when things get close. All children should play equal time.
  • Team friendships – a strong focus on good sportsmanship and feeling valued and connected helps your child develop strong friendships with their teammates.

The bottom line is keep it fun and children will want to play!

The Top 10 Reasons Parents Do Kindysport

To help us improve our program we often ask parents the reason why they chose to enrol their child in Kindysport and how they think their child benefited from participating.

The top 10 reasons are:

  1. Be introduced to a variety of sports.
  2. Learn and develop sports skills
  3. Improve confidence, co-ordination and self-esteem.
  4. Get more exercise and develop a passion for being active.
  5. Have fun and build friendships.
  6. Feel relaxed and not pressured in a caring and supportive environment.
  7. Receive age appropriate instructions.
  8. Learn to interact with other children and improve social skills.
  9. Learn teamwork and develop good sportsmanship.
  10. Learn to listen to and follow instructions.

ELC Programs

Kindysport deliver a gross motor skills and introductory sports program at ELC facilities such as a kindergarten, pre primary school, early learning centre or daycare centre.

ELC programs are a great way for your facility to introduce a fun, structured sports or gross motor skills program that will enrich the learning outcomes of your children. The programs can be tailored to suit your physical education requirements.

Term 4 Kindysport

Kindysport introduces 3 to 6 year old children to 12 different sports. Our focus is providing a fun, safe, inclusive program that enable children to develop the necessary skills to enjoy being active and discover their sporting interests. Each week we focus on a different sport.

Our term 4 timetable and start dates are:


Monday 9.15am & 10am. 9 week program commences 12th October ($121.50).
Friday 9.15am & 10am. 10 week program commences 9th October ($135).


Monday 9.15am & 10am. 9 week program commences 12th October ($121.50).
Thursday 9.15am & 10am. 10 week program commences 8th October ($135).
Saturday 9.15am & 10am. 10 week program commences 10th October ($135).

To register for a free trial, please click on the link below to submit your details. One of our team will contact you to organise a suitable class.

The 12 Sports

Kindysport offer a multisport program during the morning or after school at parks and indoor centres which are a fun introduction to sports for kids. These programs are independent of schools and are ideal for parents looking for a comprehensive program that introduces their child to a number of sports. All venues have indoor backups for wet weather.

Children are introduced to a different sport each week. In total we cover 12 different sports, so the program changes each term. The sports covered include cricket, tennis, rugby league, soccer, aussie rules, netball, basketball, teeball, golf, athletics, volleyball and hockey. Sessions run for 45 minutes. All equipment is supplied and is modified to suit young children. The games we play ensure early success and inclusion for all children regardless of skill level.

Click here for our Kindysport video.

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