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Teach Your Child to be a Good Sport

As a Kindysport Coach, we play a critical role in teaching children the importance of maintaining the fundamental values of good sportsmanship. These values are essential not just to sports, but to the social fabric of our entire society. We aim to help kids enjoy the game by focusing on values that will help them […]

How Important are Fundamental Movement Skills

What are Fundamental Movement Skills Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) or Gross Motor Skills are a range of movement patterns that involve different parts of the body. They include skills like running, catching and balancing and are the foundation movements to life. They are also the precursor to more specialised and complex skills that are used […]

Making Fun Number One for Kids

Make Sports Activities for Kids Fun Playing sport is a wonderful tool to teach children a number of important life skills like confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Research has shown that the number one reason kids play sport is to have fun. It’s not surprising then, that the number one reason children quit playing sport […]

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kindysport

When you introduce your child to sports from an early age, you ensure they have the best chance at developing fundamental skills. We know that physical activity releases all sorts of useful chemicals inside our brains. Those chemicals pump you up in body and mind. Regular active play events from a young age help your […]

ELC Programs

Kindysport deliver a gross motor skills and introductory sports program at ELC facilities such as a kindergarten, pre primary school, early learning centre or daycare centre. ELC programs are a great way for your facility to introduce a fun, structured sports or gross motor skills program that will enrich the learning outcomes of your children. The programs […]

Term 4 Kindysport

Kindysport introduces 3 to 6 year old children to 12 different sports. Our focus is providing a fun, safe, inclusive program that enable children to develop the necessary skills to enjoy being active and discover their sporting interests. Each week we focus on a different sport. Our term 4 timetable and start dates are: ROCKHAMPTON Monday […]

The 12 Sports

Kindysport offer a multisport program during the morning or after school at parks and indoor centres which are a fun introduction to sports for kids. These programs are independent of schools and are ideal for parents looking for a comprehensive program that introduces their child to a number of sports. All venues have indoor backups […]