“My son used to be quite shy but Kindysport has really helped to boost his self-confidence. Kelly, Kate and Wayne are always extremely encouraging and make it a lot of fun. He looks forward to coming along every week and is always excited to find out which new sport he is going to learn. We couldn’t be happier with our Kindysport experience and will definitely be enrolling our younger son when he is old enough too.”

Bronte W

“Kindysport has assisted in all areas of my child’s development: gross motor skills (running, catching, throwing), coordination, fitness, strength, and social/emotional skills such as team work. Kindysport has exposed my children to a variety of sports without having to spend a whole season doing just one sport.”

Isabelle P

“Our son has Autism and his gross motor development is continually needing work. The activities Kindysport does has helped Matthew immensely. Wayne always has time for the children, listening when they talk and paying attention to just them. This makes Kindysport as important to their emotional growth and self-confidence as it is to their interest in sport and gross motor skill development.”
Theresa H

“Dean was a very shy boy who’d never join in any organised activities if he didn’t know anyone. When we started Kindysport he resisted at first, hanging onto my leg or wanting to hold my hand during each activity. Gradually though as he became familiar with the wonderful coaches and other children in the class he began to participate. It was heartwarming to see his confidence blossom each week. We love the attention that’s given in the class and the kids are really made to feel valued and welcome. Kindysport is now the highlight of his week!

Wendy A

“Harry has been attending Kindysport program for two years and absolutely loves it. One of the biggest appeals as a parent is the fact the kids get to try out a variety of different sports. As well as teaching them a range of physical skills it also teaches the importance of teamwork, taking turns and communication. The coaches are awesome showing great knowledge and patience and I would recommend this to everyone.”

Louisa D

“William is a little reluctant when trying new thing. I have watched his confidence grow over the last 18 months and now he just loves it. He has so much fun and learns so many new things each week.”

Kristie S