Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kindysport

When you introduce your child to sports from an early age, you ensure they have the best chance at developing fundamental skills.

We know that physical activity releases all sorts of useful chemicals inside our brains. Those chemicals pump you up in body and mind. Regular active play events from a young age help your kids maintain a healthy emotional and physical state.

Kindysport equally cares about your child’s wellbeing and the way parents experience our service.

So, we asked them about our programs!

These are the top 10 reasons parents believe Kindysport helped their children:

1. We introduce a variety of sports

Through our Term Program we teach kids about 12 different sports. Our expertly fun team inspires children to get active through engaging age-appropriate games. At the same time, we help your kids develop Fundamental Movement Skills and improve their capacity for productivity.

The reason we cover so many different sports is simple. Here at Kindysport we appreciate your child’s uniqueness. By offering a range of sports we ensure every child finds their favourite!

Your kids will learn all about AFL, Rugby, Golf, Netball, T-ball, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Athletics, Cricket, Volleyball, and Soccer.

2. We support development and learning

With Kindysport your children will develop through physical activity, and they will learn how to express themselves in a way natural to their personality.

Sport helps children become their own person. We want to provide support for your kids through this crucial part of their journey to become adults.

3. Our programs help improve confidence and coordination

Our dedicated coaches encourage children and help them through challenges by showing support. Over time, your kids will start believing in themselves more!

All of our programs offer structured exercises that help improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance.

4. We encourage exercise and passion to get active

Our team is always there to create a high-energy atmosphere that will get your kids excited.

We do this by focusing on fun play and games!

5. Your kids have fun and make friends

Sport is a proven way to meet new friends and foster relationships. And here at Kindysport we support healthy friendship.

When children view an activity as a fun game, they will gain more value from the experience. All while sharing a laugh with new mates!

6. We build a supportive environment

Our coaches are there to ensure a caring and accepting environment for your children. That way there is no pressure so kids become less anxious about joining the fun.

By feeling free and confident to engage, your kids will improve listening skills and they won’t be reluctant to follow instructions.

7. Our programs are age-appropriate

Research shows that children who engage early in regular physical activity can achieve better results in many areas of life. Their health and wellbeing is first and foremost.

We focus on toddlers and preschoolers when designing our programs. So your 2.5-5 year olds can awaken love of sports from the youngest age.

8. We promote social interaction

We are aware how important it is to promote the development of social skills. With our programs, your kids will feel encouraged to interact with each other and play with other toddlers and preschoolers.

9. Your child becomes a good sport

It follows to say that, through interaction with others and by seeing many wins and happy mistakes, your child will learn how to be supportive and a true team member.

10. We teach listening skills

Guided by our dedicated and expertly fun team, your kids will learn how to stay focused on the task and follow instructions.


If you’ve found this informative and you believe in us, reach out.

Let’s awaken your child’s love of sports!