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Kindysport is a structured multi-sport program for kids that give toddlers and preschoolers the opportunity to try a variety of sports and learn different sporting skills.

For over 13 year we’ve had the pleasure of being able to introduce young children to their first sporting experience. From shyness, short attention spans, limited listening skills and other typical toddler traits, we’ve enjoyed helping young children grow into confident little people that are ready for school.

Gladstone testimonial for child doing Kindy Sport program for kids

“My son used to be quite shy but Kindysport has really helped to boost his self-confidence. Kelly, Kate and Wayne are always extremely encouraging and make it a lot of fun. He looks forward to coming along every week and is always excited to find out which new sport he is going to learn. We couldn’t be happier with our Kindysport experience and will definitely be enrolling our younger son when he is old enough too. An awesome sport program for kids”

Bronte W

Our sport program for kids is built around a customer experience that focuses on:

  1. Making Fun number one for kids – our main focus is that children have a blast and enjoy our classes.
  2. Skill Development – we help your child develop a full range of Fundamental Movement Skills, regardless of skill level.
  3. Variety – children are introduced to a number of sports and play a variety of active games.
  4. Convenience – for parents, including locations, timings and scheduling multiple children.
  5. Excellent Organisation and Communication – your child’s Kindysport experience is positive and stress free for the whole family.
  6. A safe, supportive community – where children feel valued and connected with our caring and qualified coaches.

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“Kindysport has assisted in all areas of my child’s development: gross motor skills (running, catching, throwing), coordination, fitness, strength, and social/emotional skills such as team work. Kindysport has exposed my children to a variety of sports without having to spend a whole season doing just one sport.”

Isabelle P

Rockhampton testimonial for child doing Kindy Sport program for kids

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