Kindy Uplift

Kindysport is a great way to introduce children to sports and exercise at your Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten. We help Early Learning Educators prepare preschool children for school and sport with an age appropriate sports readiness program.

Kindysport adds a structured sports and exercise program to your schedule, building motor skills, hand-eye corrdination and body balance.

We have developed a video based online learning platform that’s really easy for educators to use and implement. With just a few clicks kids are engaged and learning.

We’ve been delivering Fundamental Movement Skills programs in Early Learning Centres for over 15 years so have refined what excites and engages children. Most of the professional development for educators happens as they watch the skill demonstration videos with the children. We also have short videos for each skill for educators to watch which outlines the learning opportunities that can be set up in your yard including simple games (with video demonstrations of each game).

We’ve tried to incorporate equipment that most centres would have in their sheds. In some cases if other things are needed we can advise each centre but any equipment we use is simple to source (eg pool noodles).

The learning outcomes we hope to achieve is for preschool children to have an age appropriate understanding and ability to perform a range of fundamental movement skills and to also develop the confidence to be able to participate in physical activity.

For more information, please call Wayne on 0448 228 483 or email