Frequently Asked Questions 

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What are the different programs you offer?
Click here to find out about the different programs that we offer.

What does my child wear?
Your child will need casual clothes, enclosed footwear and water bottle.

What are your payment methods?
Payments can be made by direct deposit, cash or cheque.

Are you insured?
Yes, we have full Public Liability Insurance.

Kindysport & Allstars

Where and when are classes held?
Please visit this link for an up to date timetable.

What are the age groups for each program?
Kindysport is suitable for children aged 2.5 to 5 years old. 
Allstars is suitable for Prep to Year 3 children.

Can my child do a free trial in the Kindysport term program?
Yes the first lesson is free to make sure your child enjoys the program.

What sports do Kindysport coach?
Children are introduced to a different sport each week. In total we cover 12 different sports, so the program changes each term. The sports we teach are cricket, tennis, rugby league, soccer, AFL, netball, basketball, tball, golf, athletics, volleyball and hockey.

Can siblings do the program together?

Yes absolutely. We understand the scheduling issues parents face co-ordinating extra curricular activities, so having siblings in the same group is fine. To make it even more convenient for families we currently have a 50% discount for siblings.

How many children per class?
We limit classes to 6 children per coach.

How long does each lesson go for?
45 minutes.

How much does it cost?
After the free trial the cost per lesson is $13.50. Siblings receive a 50% discount.

Can you join at any time?
Yes, if there is space in a class you can start at any time. The fee for the remainder of the term is pro rata at $13.50 per lesson.

Can you pay week by week?
Fees are paid on a term by term basis. We found that taking weekly payments requires too much administration which limits the actual coaching time. Please feel free though to chat with our friendly staff if you have exceptional circumstances.

Can you do make up lessons if you miss a week?
Yes, if they are taken in the same term that your lesson is missed.

Do I have to participate in the classes?
Parents are more than welcome to help their child if they wish, and this can be particularly helpful initially if your child is shy. Parents are not expected to join in though.

How do I enrol?
At the end of your child's free trial, your coach will give you an enrolment form with the nuber of weeks remaining in the term. EFT details are on the enrolment form, or alternatively you can pay by cheque or cash when you return the following week.

To register for a FREE TRIAL, click here.

Birthday Parties

What ages can attend?
Our parties are suitable for children as old as 12 years and as young as 15 months.

When and where do parties run?
Parties run in Rockhampton at the Indoor Sports Arena, 37 Hollingsworth St and in Gladstone at Clinton Primary School Indoor Hall, Hervey Rd. For upcoming party weekends, visit here.

How much does it cost?
The cost for a party is $300 for up to 25 children. Extra children are charged at $10 per child.

How long does a party run for?
Each party runs for 2 hours.

How does it work?
Visit here for more information about how the party works.

What should I bring?
Food, drinks and any table decorations.

What do you provide?
Loads of fun, which includes an indoor venue with a play area containing 5 inflatables and soft play equipment, a supervisor, tables and chairs and refrigeration.

Are the children supervised?

Do you have to pay a deposit?
Yes, we have a booking form which must be completed and returned along with a $100 deposit to secure your booking.

Click here for more information.

Toddler Town and Holiday Sessions

Do I need to register?
Only for the sessions that are held on school holidays. For Toddler Town sessions during the school term you can just turn up.

What are the age groups?
The age group for Toddler Town is 15 months to 5 year olds.
For Open Play the ages range from 3 to 10 year olds.

What is the upcoming schedule?
Upcoming Toddler Town sessions.
Upcoming Holiday Sessions.

How much does it cost?
Toddler Town sessions are $10. Open Play sessions are $15.

Are the children supervised?